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Sell Your Unique

Sell your artwork with us for a profit of 60% of the sales price!

It's FREE to apply! Please fill out the form below today!

See our Art on Consignment Agreement for further details.

Art consignment is the selling of one's art through a third party.

Hilton Photos & Arts, LLC is happy to provide you with this valuable

service for you to receive more visibility and endless opportunities.

Art consignment is a straight forward procedure that will be outlined in the consignor's instructions

following the submission of the completed form (below). There is a mutually specific period of time,

usually 60-90 days with an option to renew.


The types of Art that we accept include the following:

  • Photos

  • Paintings

  • Pottery

  • Fine Art

  • Artisan Glass

  • Sculpture

Let's Work Together

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